ADCMC empowered an automated system to respond to varying types of crises and emergencies more effectively. Since collaboration is a key measurement during critical events, the system enables the routing of critical information in a timely manner to support decision-making and communications between different government entities. By this the system is very reliable to integrate with other systems to fetch the required information; we have integrated with more than 18 entities. This enabled us to deal with any incident more effectively

ADCMP digitized workflows have also helped ADCMC in reducing a significant amount of administrative burden, eliminating paper-based activities, and replacing time-consuming processes with features such as advanced email integrations, electronic signatures, and auto-circulars to governmental entities. This streamlining enables Abu Dhabi's emergency response function to operate more efficiently and effectively before, during, and after an incident. In fact, ADCMP customized modules are also used by ADCMC for drills, exercises, and planning the required training for the concerned parties.

In addition, the system has been used for the collaborative development of the emergency document plan and business continuity management (BCM) at the emirate level, in addition to gathering the resources across the emirates to have a master database to be used during the incident in case of requesting any support by any entity.

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