The establishment of the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crises, and Disaster Management Center, under Abu Dhabi Law No. (22) of 2019, represents the vision of our wise leadership and affirms the continuous commitment of the Abu Dhabi government to achieve the highest levels of readiness for any emergency. In a short period since its inception, we have achieved tangible accomplishments, based on the best global practices in six main pillars: anticipation, prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and continuous development through learning. Through this ecosystem, we work towards realizing the Center's vision of reinforcing crises readiness of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and increasing its resilience and adaptability to emerging and sudden changes. Consequently, we developed our strategic plan for 2023-2025, to serve as a roadmap guiding our journey towards resiliency and achieving effective harmony in managing emergencies and crises in Abu Dhabi.

In the context of the new strategy, we focus on three priorities: enhancing the readiness of the Emirate, comprehensive coordination with local entities, and developing our internal capabilities. We aim to achieve these priorities through seven strategic objectives, relying on a comprehensive approach that includes leveraging in leading technologies and data analysis to support decision-making and developing in worldclass national talents. We also adopt necessary measures to prevent or minimize the likelihood of emergencies and crises, following best global practices including risk assessment, policy formulation, and conducting studies and field visits to ensure our resilience and recovery capabilities. We place great importance on close coordination with our partners to ensure the best outcomes in protecting our community and properties.

In conclusion, we commend the unwavering support and guidance of our wise leadership, and we express our deep appreciation for our human resources, who stand as the first line of defense in fulfilling the Center's mission. We work together to solidify Abu Dhabi's position as a globally admired model in emergency and crisis management.

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